1 May 2015

The Quietus Review of Colossal Downer by Grey Hairs

Grey Hairs Colossal Downer review for The Quietus

In the middle of last month Grey Hairs released their debut album Colossal Downer. Its 12 tracks of grizzled garage rock that their cues from the American underground of the 80s and early 90s, mixed with copious amounts of cans of Red Stripe and the general disappointment and kind of inert anger you get from working a day job from nine-to-five, Monday to Friday.

It's easily one of my favourite records of the year and I was well chuffed when The Quietus, one of my favourite websites, agreed to publish my review of Colossal Downer. You can read my review at the following URL: http://thequietus.com/articles/17677-grey-hairs-colossal-downer-review

You can listen to and buy Colossal Downer via the Grey Hairs Bandcamp page. 
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