14 September 2014

LeftLion Update

LeftLion Magazine #60 was getting itself about on the streets of Nottingham at the start of August. One article that I did for it was with Rob from Spaceships Are Cool and Yunioshi about the Accessibility of Music Venues in Nottingham. This has been an article that I had wanted to do for a while, and it was occasionally discussed at editorial meeting but nothing was ever really done perhaps for fear of upsetting a few advertisers. But after seeing The Fish Police and working on an article with the organisation that they work with Constant Flux it was something that I wanted to do. I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out, which isn't always something that I can say about something that I have written. 

Also in the magazine are the usual array of Nottingham-related music reviews. In this issue I reviewed releases by Frazer Lowrie and The Most Ugly Child. I went overseas on a work-related trip during the making of this issue so found myself writing and editing the music reviews page in the departure lounges of Heathrow and Hong Kong International Airport. As always, I have put together a Sound of the Lion podcast to accompany the reviews page. 

A few things that I have done for the LeftLion website include a Q&A with hardcore punk band Bad Breeding who recently played at The Chameleon with Kagoule. I reviewed Gallery 47's album launch for his second LP at Nottingham Contemporary.  There is also this fun little Q&A with Gringo Records' latest band The Wharves who played here recently and whose second album is a superb mixture of Sleater Kinney alternative rock and haunting West Coast influenced harmonies. Make sure you pick it up when it's released in November. 

Finally, I am pleased to say that the LeftLion Kickstarter has met it's target of £10,000 meaning the magazine will be going monthly.
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