11 June 2014

Jake Bugg The Biography

Jake Bugg Biography

Click the image to read my review for LeftLion of the Jake Bugg Biography.

The biography charts Jake's rise to fame by talking to friends and family as well as people who have written about it from his early days. It even uses a few LeftLion reviews and articles as sources of information. It was a bit strange reading a book where not only do you find yourself quoted, but people I know and have worked with in some capacity are quoted too. 

I thought it was a pretty fair write-up of the book, but I'm not sure the author thought so judging by this tweet.  

As I said in my review, it's telling of the growing stature of Nottingham's music scene that people from outside of the city are now taking an active interest in it, making the effort to visit the city to find out for themselves what is going on, and writing about it too. 
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